CECONOMYAnnual Report

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Starting a new life

13 July 2017: Our first stock market listing as an independent company in the reporting period is more than just a date. It marks the official start of our independence. Nowadays, we are more than a retail company. As the leading European platform for companies, concepts and brands in the field of consumer electronics we occupy a special role in the digital world – complete with all the opportunities and challenges that entails.

Dieter Haas

CEO Pieter Haas explains
CECONOMY’s successful model.

“We are superbly equipped
to face the future.”

The route to independence

Follow the key stages of our journey:

WE are
life in the digital world

Customers need us

Our world is becoming increasingly digital, but it can only really be called smart if everything actually works and interacts seamlessly. The solutions and services provided by CECONOMY play a major role in ensuring just that. This is not something we can achieve by adopting a position as a mere consumer electronics retail company; it requires our role as a leading European platform for companies, concepts and brands.

Some six million customer contacts every day show us that we are needed. And we know what is needed. Rigorous customer orientation spanning all communication channels is therefore the very clear number one topic at CECONOMY.

Woman with VR Device

Join us on this journey!

“The boundaries between the digital and the real world are increasingly blurring.”

Ready for a changing customer world

Customers are inspired by five major trends – which offer huge opportunities for CECONOMY.

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We combine the best of two worlds

Regardless of where customers choose to look for information or advice, or to shop – whether online or when out and about, in a local bricks-and-mortar consumer electronics store or at home – CECONOMY is there for them. Customers might not think in terms of multi-channelling, but we do. Customers want everything everywhere. And we make this possible by offering the full spectrum of consumer electronics services – from providing information and advice to selling and delivering, right up to installing and repairing.

Multi-channel marketing is our winning model. Our channels are all optimally interlinked. After all, customers nowadays don’t think twice about mixing and matching their options.

WE are

Simplifying life in the digital world

The digital world – endless possibilities. Customers appreciate having a daily partner and navigator at their side to offer direct assistance. It’s not just about selling products, but about selling solutions. And that‘s precisely what we do. Complete with services for customers that extend far beyond just the product.

CECONOMY focuses on the entire customer journey. So what does that mean for the customer? We provide our solutions wherever our customer needs us: before, during and after the sale or later, if an appliance needs repairing or troubleshooting. And no matter where a customer chooses to approach us – at one of our stores, online, by mobile device or from home. It is this solution expertise that sets us apart.

WE are

It‘s the only way

The consumer electronics market is particularly affected by growing digitalisation. You could even say it is digitalisation personified. Which explains why anyone looking to occupy an optimum retail position in this world must comprehensively digitalise their own business model. Survival of the fittest depends on being able to think and act digitally.

CECONOMY ranks among the digitalisation pioneers and has already reshaped its processes in some key sub-areas. We’ve understood: retail is technology nowadays. We therefore no longer see IT as a purely support function; it is, in our eyes, a core competence. We want to lead the way in digitalisation, not follow. This is how we will drive the transformation throughout the industry.